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What’s in my sustainable bag?

I’ve been called a few silly names in my life, and 'bag-lady' is one I am absolutely proud of! Living in Las Vegas I drive my car 95% of the time to get around. I find it convenient to keep a few sustainable staples in my car to be as prepared as possible for my day. This list should vary per person, or family, but with only 2 of us in our household, this list fits our needs. I should mention that I like to keep these items in my backseat, as I tend to see them easier than if they were in my trunk. Sometimes, out of sight is out of mind!

Sustainability Bag:

4 Reusable grocery bags + 1x reusable wine bag

8 Mesh produce bags (for the fruits + veggies that don't have an exterior shell)

4 Cloth pouch for bulk bin items*

2 Reusable coffee bags (for bulk-bin coffee beans)

2 Reusable food storage containers for to-go items (to use after eating at a restaurant)

1 Set of portable metal utensils (which includes 2x straws)

While these supplies are very handy to lower our plastic use, the hardest part is remembering to return them to back to your car for the next grocery store visit. I tend to either put everything in 1 bag and hang on the door handle for my next outing, or place them near my purse as a reminder.

I hope this list inspires you to create your own Sustainability Bag for your car, and if you end up adding more items I would love to hear what they are. Happy shopping!

**When this post was written, the bulk bins were not open due to Covid-19. However, one day we hope these will be available again, and until then, I'll keep these pouches in my sustainability bag.

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