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Hello! And welcome to The Sustainabelle, we are so thrilled you are here! You are probably wondering, "What is this random site my friend sent me’, or ‘Is this a Disney movie about recycling?"

Why, let me break it down! The Sustainabelle is a go-to resource site to help like-minded people learn how to make more sustainable choices in their everyday life. Am I going to preach about going vegan? Nope. Am I going to share recipes that are more eco-friendly? Yes! Am I going to ask you to stop washing your hair for a whole month? No (oh heck no!). Am I going to provide examples of how to be more eco-friendly in the bathroom? Yes!

The list can go on and on… but at the end of the day, our vision is to help you, your mom, your neighbor, and our future generations learn more about the many different choices that we make every day, and to provide insight on how to make more sustainable choices. No one is perfect but I have the ability to learn how my choices affect the world around me, and I would like to make the best choice possible.

Where did this name come from? Great question! Do know of any 32 year olds who blast the “Sing Along Disney” playlist on Spotify while they shower? Yeah.. me either… I mean besides myself. Yes, I'm a Disney fan. And as you can tell, I'm also a fan of Sustainability. So, we combined the two!

It all started about a year ago as I was deciding on a theme for my birthday. While we knew we wanted a fun party for all ages (this age comes with a lot of friends with kiddos), we decided on “Sustainability Birthday Celebration!”  ← WHAT! What kind of nerd has a birthday party around recycling?! Well, this nerd. And, honestly, it was a BLAST! We had a full vegan spread of tacos (Thank you Amy from ____), beautiful floral vegan cupcakes, a sustainability quiz of 32 questions, prizes, a mini-museum display of our favorite sustainable items, and had some great sustainable conversations with all of my family & friends! (Of course we had booze too!).  

After this party we felt so energized about sharing this passion that we decided to create a website, social media accounts and keep a log of the sustainable choices that we make in our everyday life. And here we are, blog number 1, with coffee in my hand, my dog at my feet, and the world to save.

Please join me as we share new ways to practice sustainability in our everyday lives! 

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