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Summer Road Trips

What does a 90’s playlist, a reusable bag of gummy worms, and a half dozen reusable water bottles have in common? They are my top 3 necessities for an epic road trip! Whether it's a simple weekend get-away to the mountains or a tour of the 4-corner states, I have my favorite sustainable tips for road trip traveling:

  1. Water water water. Pack enough water to prevent having to stop at convenience stores for bottled water. We love traveling with our 3 gallon jugs since they're only $0.35 per gallon, which is 10x less than buying water at the convenience store. Also, if you're a fan of having ice cold drinks, I fill a few vacuum-sealed water bottles with ice only and always have enough to last for days (adding water to these will bind the ice cubes together)!

  2. Snacks. Shopping at the bulk bin section at your favorite grocery store allows the snacks to be purchased in your preferred size since you’ll store them with your own containers. Dried fruit and mixed nuts are my favorite snacks for road trips as they don’t require refrigeration and can tolerate heat. Avoid chocolate if possible since it gets melty and sticky when it’s hot.

  3. Reusable utensils and plates. Bringing these will minimize waste and save money, and don't forget a kitchen towel to clean in between uses.

  4. Reusable grocery bags and mesh produce bags. You’ll be ready when there's an amazing fruit stand on the drive!

  5. Be prepared to bring your recyclables and trash back with you. Not everywhere you go will be equipped to take it off your hands properly.

And a bonus idea! Bring a small trash bag and gloves to pick up trash while on hikes and at campgrounds. You’ll leave the place better than you found it, and as my grandpa used to say, “Be part of the solution, not part of the problem!”

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