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February Findings

Three things Danielle learned this month…

Did you know that Coca-Cola now sells 7 beverages in bottles that are made from 100% recycled plastic? This means these bottles are not made from brand new plastic (known as virgin plastic), but from plastic that was previously sent to the recycle facility to turn into something new. While this is most definitely a step in the right direction, it’s not too much to brag about since they have been proven to be the world’s largest plastic polluter. So while 7 products out of the 3,500 different beverages they make (from the 500 of companies they own), it’s not a very big step… but nevertheless, it is a step!

Roses are red.. violets are blue…. I want to show my love without buying imported flowers for you!

You've probably noticed that I'm not the worlds best poet, however, a little pun never hurts! Did you know that roses are not grown in the US in the winter time? Which means all of the roses sold for Valentines Day are imported from other countries, mostly from Columbia. This form of transportation brings unnecessary air pollution. More than 4 billion flowers were packed and brought by plane to the US in 2020, as this number continues to rise year after year. Instead of roses why not celebrate Valentines Day with an at-home beer tasting from a local brewery, or a picnic in the park with exotic cheese and jams. Or, if flowers are truly your love language, why not buy from a local florist who can sell you locally or domestically grown flowers.

'D.I.Y.' are my three favorite letters! And since we’re still in this partial quarantine, these three little letters are more common than ever before. A friend of mine recently painted her bedroom with a new paint company, Backdrop, that is sustainably sourced and partial profits go towards families who have been displaced, which I thought was pretty cool! We personally haven’t started any paint projects (yet!), but watch out, this girl is ready to get her Picasso on! (Thank you, Chani for this inspiration!)

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