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5 Tips for Hosting a Sustainable Party!

Thank goodness it is now socially acceptable to get together with our friends and family to throw some well-deserved parties! Whether it’s birthdays, baby showers, graduations, or simply Taco Tuesdays- we all have so much to celebrate after such a long time of not being able to! As a fan of all types of parties, I love combining my love for sustainability with my love of parties! Here is a list of my top 5 tips on how to throw a sustainable party:

1) Shop & Use Cloth Napkins

For your next celebration, why not explore your local consignment stores for fun mismatch cloth napkins! Cloth napkins are used by guests much longer than paper napkins and by offering cloth napkins you’re able to share your love for sustainability with others in a simple yet stylish way! The benefits of cloth napkins include buying these only once versus repetitive purchases of paper napkins, plus you’ll be saving water, energy, and plastic – all items that go into buying paper napkins.

(This picture was taken from our kitchen table,

a variety of napkins that give the space some well needed color!)

2) Offer Vegetarian Dishes

What kind of recipes can you make for your party that will have an easy cleanup, a longer shelf life, and be equally delicious? Vegetarian and vegan options!

By offering vegetarian or vegan options you won’t have a messy clean up from any animal products, and these dishes can typically be out on display for your guests to enjoy for longer amounts of time. Plus, vegetarian, and vegan dishes tend to be less expensive than meat dishes. By not serving meat dishes you’ll be helping the environment by saving water that would be used to produce the meat, but also providing healthy foods for your guests and saving money- all at the same time!

3) Save Money + Time by Sending Digital Invitations

Sending digital invitations is now easier and faster than ever before! Digital customized invitations can be found on with reasonable prices, or is a great free option. Plus, sending out your invitations using a free email invite service will be faster and more sustainable than traditional mailed invitations. Downloading one invitation versus printing 20 will also be more cost efficient!

(Check out for a free online invitation!)

4) Renting vs Buying

If you love throwing unique theme parties, why not explore local rental businesses for unique décor, serving dishes, backdrops, and costumes! Renting items will prevent you from having to store the party supplies in your home, they will be less expensive than buying the items, and you’ll be supporting local businesses, which is always a win-win!

(Shout out to my favorite tea cup rental company here in town, Park House Tea Company, for their amazing collection of beautiful tea party accessories!)

5) Make it easy to recycle!

While guests normally don’t have a choice to practice sustainability while attending normal parties, they will be able to at your party!

If you provide a recycling bin next to your trash bin with a list above it with the items that are recyclable in your community, you’ll make it easy for your guests to properly dispose of their items. This could be a hand written sign on or above the recycle bin or a cute small counter chalkboard display with an arrow pointing down.

Be sure to share the recycling options with your guests after showing them where they can find the food and beverages. It’s a simple as saying: “don’t forget, we recycle glass containers here, the recycle bin is right next to the trash bin!”

These are my top 5 sustainable tips for throwing a sustainable party to celebrate any small or big occasion in your life… Or even if it’s to celebrate having tacos on Tuesday! Happy celebrating!

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